• Georgia Bolderson

Lower Than Atlantis

Opening up with a robust intro, Lower Than Atlantis got the crowd engaged from the get-go. Hundreds of fans screamed in anticipation while the silhouettes of the band lit up the intimate venues stage.

Starting the show with the new songs, the crowd were enthusiastic and enjoyed every moment. Mike Duce then announced to the crowd that they would be playing a few older songs, which caught the die hard fans attention as they erupted into Far Q.

It wouldn't be an intimate show without an acoustic song. Duce waded through the crowd to the centre of the venue only equipped with his acoustic guitar to play the iconic Another Sad Song, from the bands second album. As there was no microphone, the crowd sung along to every word which enhanced the experience altogether.

Overall, the night was a perfect mix from the old school to the new fans all as one community and you could feel the love reverberating from wall to wall.

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